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About FTL Capital

We are striving to move from success to significance to become a preeminent boutique private equity firm by inspiring the growth of people, portfolio companies and returns through active proven leadership and engagement. Based in St. Louis, we were formed in 2001 to invest capital of our Managing Principal Thomas J. Hillman.

We focus on the “hard stuff” – the culture and values – to help portfolio companies grow profitably over the long term. Underlying that driving focus are proven professional skill sets tested and honed through decades of experience deeply rooted in the “soft stuff” – leading, directing, operating, acquiring, funding, building, restructuring, and monetizing businesses large and small.

Our consistent track record of success is due to our:

  • Experienced, hands-on investment team’s unique combination of complementary talents, passion and work ethic
  • Willingness to roll up our sleeves and dig into complex business, financial or personal situations
  • Focus on long term partnership rather than short term trades

We maintain controlling interest or significant positions of influence in companies across a variety of industries. We work to turn opportunities into reality. We are open to what may be possible in any situation rather than trying to fit a situation into a static investment model.